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Yesterday evening Andrew Keen (entrepreneur and author) spend some hours with us for a great pitch about his book, Digital Vertigo, that see Social Media and the digital world under a critical point of view.  We had the pleasure to ask his some questions: 

Andrew, the title of your book, Digital Vertigo, it’s also a famous title of a Hitchcock movie, Vertigo. What’s the meaning behind this relation? 

There’s a very close relation between my book and the Hitchcock movie, indeed I wrote it in honor of it. In the movie the protagonist is drag into a dark situation, that I assimilate to what we are living in our time: we think we have under control the technology, but we are becoming the product of our self. In this sens the real life is like a Hitchcock movie. 

Which are the obstacles to the individual freedom in the networking and sharing era?

The biggest obstacole is that we lose our private life because we continue in living in pubblic, so we forget about a crucial human aspect of our self that is very important for our life. Is not like in “1984" where we became prisoners of a Big Brother, but is much worse: we became prisoners of our prison. A prison made by mirrors where we can just see our self. 

When you wrote about a Facebook, Twitter and the other social networks, you also wrote about “digital narcisism”. Is there a way to live all these platforms without beeng kidnap from the “social seduction” of our time?

Sure. If we use the digital tools with more responsability we can deeply protect our self. We need to use Social Media more sophisticatedly. I don’t think is inevitable that the technology will destroy our self, but we need to use it in a intelligent way. Some times brands use privacy settings in a tricky way, so we have to educate people and educate our self on pay attention to this important aspects and understand that is our own responsibility to read the terms of service, when we subscribe a social service. 

Thanks to Andrew Keen for his presence in H-Farm and for his point of view that fascinated us. 

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